Annie White

Annie White has been ranked as a Top 25 Dating Coach in the country by LinkedIn and has been featured in The Philadelphia Daily News and FOX 29 for her expertise on dating and finding the perfect partner. This is because she has coached dozens of women to marriage, engagement and relationships.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Howard University, Annie spent five years in corporate America working for J.P. Morgan Chase and Accenture. Yet, with all of her book smarts, she knew very little about dating. Which is why in 2011, she became her first client. After a severe break up with the only man she had known romantically. It was then she realized she was taught nothing or the wrong things about dating.

Consequently, she took the initiative to learn everything she could about dating. “When people saw me go from pitiful to powerful in my love life, they started referring women to me." In 2013, Annie began coaching women part-time. When one of her first clients got engaged she knew it was time to leave J.P. Morgan Chase and pursue Sick of Single full-time.

Years later, Annie has coached dozens of women to marriage, engagement and relationships.  Annie feels so blessed God has called her to help women get the date, the relationship and the ring.

Additionally, Annie has been trained by the Matchmaking Institute in NYC. As well as, by some of the best matchmakers and dating coaches in the country. Including Lisa Clampitt, Paul C. Brunson, Rachel Greenwald, Julie Ferman and more!


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