Sean M. Horan, Ph. D.

Sean M. Horan, Ph.D. received his doctorate in Communication Studies from West Virginia University (2009). He previously earned a BA and MA from Texas State University. Professionally, he researches human communication, with particular focus on affection, deceptive affection (e.g., using affection to lie), communication about sex and risk/safety, and workplace romance. You can follow him on Twitter @TheRealDrSean.

Following five years in Chicago, Sean now lives in the Austin area and works as a professor at Texas State University. In his spare time, he animal hoards (read: has 2 dogs), enjoys Old Fashioneds, and is frequently found floating the river.

Horan was recently identified as the 15th most published scholar in Communication from 2007-2011 (Bolkan et al., 2012). According to the authors, this ranking represents the top one percent of the field. He was recently profiled in Relationship Research News as a “successful Assistant Professor," published by the International Association of Relationship Research. His research appears in various journals, including the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships and Human Communication Research.

Sean and his research are frequently found in national and international media. He has been interviewed by the Associated Press (picked up by ABCNews.com, Washington Post, and Houston Chronicle, among others), the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Daily News. His research has been featured in various outlets including ABC News Radio, The Mumbai Mirror, The Times of India, Yahoo India, Quo! (Spain & Mexico), Fox News, Men's Health, Indian Express, and the Chicago Sun-Times. For a complete list of media appearances, please contact Sean directly.


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